MassKara Festival

Oct 〜 Nov 2022
The most famous festival in Bacolod, the city known across the Philippines as “The City of Smiles”. Every…

Procession of La Naval de Manila

Early Oct 2022
Our Lady of La Naval de Manila housed at Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City is one of…

Lanzones Festival

Late Oct 2022
Four-day celebration in honour of the Lanzones tree and its fruit which is a common sight in Mindanao.…

Pintaflores Festival

Early Nov 2022
Annual festival in the City of San Carlos which takes its name from the Spanish word “pinta” (tattoo)…

Binirayan Festival

Dec 2022
Literally meaning, “where they landed”, the Binirayan Festival remembers the arrival of ten Bornean datu (rulers of indigenous…

Pampanga Giant Lantern Festival

Mid 〜 Late Dec 2022
Famous Giant Lantern Festival held in Pampanga, the city known as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines”. In…

Binalabal Festival 2023

Jan 1, 2023
The Binalabal Festival is held on 1 January to welcome in the new year. It dates back to…

Hinugyaw Festival

Early Jan 2023
Hinugyaw Festival, dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals”, is a celebration of the different cultures that have lived…

Sinulog Festival & Grand Parade

Jan 2023
Famous festival held in honor of the Santo Niño de Cebú

Coconut Festival

Early 〜 Mid Jan 2023
A week long celebration held in early January in honor of Saint Paul the Hermit, the patron of…

A calendar of all major festivals in the Philippines. Official online sources for festival details do not always exist and so estimated dates are provided instead.