Famous night market in Davao and a great place to try the local street food. The Roxas Avenue Night Market begins at the crossroads near the Marco Polo hotel and continues for about 1 kilometer southeast down Roxas Avenue. The first half is food stalls, most offering the usual pick n’ grill favourites of skewered chicken, beef, pork belly, and tuna, but you can also find vendors selling balut and some fried foods, as well.

The prices are cheap and atmosphere is lively: bunched together tables pervaded with the smoke from the grills. However, as there is no place to wash dishes, plates are wrapped in plastic and customers are expected to eat with their hands using thin plastic gloves—perhaps a little too much for some! Once the food stalls end, the clothes and accessories stalls begin. If you’ve the patience to sift through the piles of clothes and hangers, you can no doubt find a good deal.

Grilling at the side of the market
Peanuts for sale

The night market operates every day, but you should head there at the weekend to feel the full buzz. It officially runs from 6pm until midnight each day. Note that following a bombing at the market in September 2016 security is tight and bags will be checked at the entrance.

Getting there
Head to the main entrance of the Marco Polo hotel and you'll see the beginning of the night market from the street
6pm until midnight every day
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