Early 〜 Late Apr 2023
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One of the oldest religious festivals in the Philippines. The Moriones Festival is a dedication to the half-blind Roman soldier, Longinus, who pierced Jesus in his side with a lance while he was on the cross. Legend has it that when some of the blood of Jesus fell into his eyes his sight returned. Upon experiencing this miracle, Longinus became convinced that Jesus was truly the son of God and converted to Christianity. The festival re-enacts the search for Longinus by centurions—adorned in colorful costumes—for this crime, with one member of the local community playing Longinus who is captured and recaptured several times over the course of the festival in a playful game of cat and mouse.

Every town in Marinduque has a version of the festival, but Boac, the capital of the province, is typically the place to stay.

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