Early 〜 Mid Jan 2023
We unable to confirm details for this event. The scheduling is estimated and subject to change.

One of the oldest festivals in the Philippines which over the course of its 800 year history has evolved into both a tribal and religious festival. The Ati-Atihan originated around 1200 CE as a celebration of a pact between the indigenous tribe and ten Malay chieftains who were fleeing from the island of Borneo, but later with the country’s colonization and conversion of its people to Christianity, the festival took on a religious meaning and today celebrates (like many other festivals in the Philippines) the Santo Niño.

Ati-Atihan is a week long event known for its street parties, dancing competitions, daily snake-dances, and general flamboyance. The festival has since spread to other cities but the one in Kalibo is the origin and still the best. kalibo.org has a schedule for the week.

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